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Discount Coupons

Ma' Cline's supports different groups by offering permanent coupon discounts only for products manufacturedbyMa' Cline'sCoffee. Use of these coupons is by the honor system: violation can result in permanent blocking as a customer. All discounts are a percentage of the total of the prices of the items purchased. Shipping and tax is not discountable. Enter the discount coupon code in the checkout section of the shopping cart. Only one discount coupon can be used (Note that you MUST register as a customer and be logged in as a customer for the discount coupons to work properly.)

Military: Ma' Cline's would like to thank you for the sacrifices and the risks you take to ensure our safety and preserve our freedoms. Thank you!

  • Active United States Military or dependent 10% Coupon: military10
  • Veteran United States Military or dependent 10% Coupon: veteran10

Active or retired United States First Responder: We are indebted to these individuals who must be at peak performance on a moment's notice, perform for long hours under adverse conditions, and do not get the public recognition they deserve. Thank you.

  • Fire 15% (Federal, State, District, City, Port or Airport Authority) Coupon: fire15
  • Police (Federal, State, County, City, Port or Airport Authority, School District, Penal Guards) 20% Coupon: police20
  • Emergency Medical (paramedics, life flight, emergency room) 15% Coupon: medic15
  • Dispatchers: 911 etc.etc15%) Coupon: disp15

Pastors, Spiritual Counselors 

  • Pastors, Chaplains, Ministry Leaders, etc who directly work to improve spiritual life. spiritual10

Honored Citizens: We honor these others in our community who deserve a helping hand.

  • Seniors (over 65) 10% Coupon: senior10
  • Single Mothers (with children living at home) 10% Coupon: mom10
  • Widows (unmarried) 10% Coupon:  widow10
  • Disabled (on disability income) 10% Coupon: disab10